We are at ALAMI BASKETS produces beautifully and functionally basket made from the best quality natural materials and mixed as well with rafia. We are very careful to make our products by our carpenters in the home industry in village here in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia.

Our Products range of baskets are made functionally used. Alami Baskets is growing and now making the range includes storage, shopping and leisure baskets all included linings inside , and We can do your custom variety of designs and size your request.

Alami Baskets is the supplier and maker of Natural Baskets as It means ALAMI is Natural for years. We accommodate home-makers, craft specialists and hobbyists who want to make their own project around the home. 

At Alami baskets, we pride ourselves in providing a good and personal service.  All of our products range of baskets are available to buy individually, so You are not forced to buy sets of baskets based on our designs and size when You really only want one.
If you can’t find what you are looking for, please Contact us, We will be very glad to assist you to purchase our baskets.